Andrew Edmonds

Design Engineer

Meet our Brand Ambassador, Andrew Edmonds

I am an experienced AVL (Audio, Video, Lighting) Engineer with a track record of success in designing and implementing cutting-edge systems for various venues, including entertainment venues, houses of worship, schools, parks, and office buildings. With a passion for educating and training my team, I thrive on challenges and am known for my ability to think outside the box and collaborate effectively. My strong organizational skills and exceptional communication make me a valuable asset to any project.

I meticulously research AVL equipment and technology to ensure that the best solutions are provided to our clients. I take great pride in our company’s motto of “Design. Build. Perform. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.”

In addition to my role at All Pro Integrated Systems, I serve as the Technical Director at The Well UB Church in Huntington, where I oversee the technical aspects of worship services and events. In this role, I manage a team of dedicated volunteers and coordinate sound, lighting, video, stage design, and live stream operations. I also play a vital role in event planning, marketing initiatives, and community outreach.

I also currently work as a stagehand and audio engineer at Honeywell Arts & Entertainment, where I assist with load-in and load-out for national touring productions, concerts, and professional performances. I operate sound, lighting, followspot, and flyrail equipment during shows, showcasing my technical expertise and attention to detail.

My impressive career also includes my tenure as a Technical Director at the Honeywell Center, where I managed a 1500-seat theatre that hosted a wide range of events. In this role, I supervised a large crew, coordinated technical and setup details, and ensured the successful execution of each event.

Furthermore, I have held positions as the Assistant Director of the Merillat Centre for the Arts at and Technical Director for the Theatre Department at Huntington University. In these roles, I demonstrated my exceptional leadership skills, managing venues and crews, maintaining equipment, and collaborating with internal and external groups to meet production needs. I also taught courses in stage construction, lighting design, audio recording, CAD, and music business.

With a passion for the arts, I pursued my education at Huntington University, where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Theatre/Theatre Design and Technology. I continued my education by earning a Master of Business Administration in 2019, further enhancing my expertise in the field.

With my dedication, technical skills, and commitment to excellence, I am a valuable asset to All Pro Integrated Systems.

Andrew’s Interest

Outside of work, I cherish my time with family and friends, valuing the incredible experiences and relationships I have cultivated throughout my life.


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