Football Stadium – Light Pole Mounted Speakers


The perfect, Ready to Install system for your football stadium!  Includes everything you need, including installation drawings for your specific application.

Build your own


Our pre-configured football and soccer stadium system provided excellent audio coverage for the home seating area.  This system includes (6) light pole mounted weather resistant outdoor speakers that work well with vocals and music so the crowd can follow the play by play details.  The equipment rack contains an audio amplifier and a mixer which allows adjustment of the included wired announcers microphone.  Input from Bluetooth or 1/8″ jack can be used to play music or audio tracks as well.  If you need to add additional coverage, wireless microphones or a CD player, choose Build Your Own and configure the system to fit your needs.

  • Provides coverage for the home bleachers
  • Excellent Vocal and Music Coverage
  • Includes everything you need
  • Detailed drawings for your installation
  • Easily to Upgrade

Looking for an easier to install solution?  Check out our press box mounted option.


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